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Drink this, Not that! (Starbucks Edition)

A Starbucks recently opened 5 minutes from my house and I'm beginning to think I should just start signing my paycheck over to them with the amount of time and money I've been spending there. My Christmas gift cards didn't make it past the second week of January. This new Stabucks location has been a great retreat from the toddler chaos in my house and is also a wonderful spot to meet clients.

However, I needed to devise a plan quickly for how to order my drinks in order to avoid breaking my calorie bank. My current go-to beverage is the blonde pour-over roast. It's a light, mellow roast with great flavor. I always ask for room for cream and then flavor it with my own discretion of half and half, stevia, and cinnamon. I also often get a variety of their teas when I'm there in the late afternoon and want to have something with less caffeine. The Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea is my favorite. The hint of spearmint in it makes it super refreshing and it is zero calories!

I've listed below a few other ideas for making your favorite Starbucks drink slightly healthier. Don't waste your calories on a drink! Save them for yummy foods that will fuel your body for hours to come.

Starbucks Tips:

1. Ask for no whip. (Going without the whipped cream will decrease your overall calories by 50-70!)

2. Order a smaller size. (By ordering a grande instead of a tall, you can decrease the calories of your drink by as many as 100! They even have a "short" which is smaller than the tall.)

3. Choose skim milk or almond milk over full-fat milk. (Low fat definitely doesn't always equate to healthier. However, if you're counting calories, this will save you about 40-50 calories).

4. Ask for a reduced pump count of flavored syrups. (Each pump of syrup is approximately 25 calories. These syrups are also pure sugar. The less syrup, the better.)

Healthy Regards,


Disclaimer: Results may vary. These are my opinions and statements based on the latest, educated research and are not to be intended to replace the advice of your doctor. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Fueled and Fit Wellness are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service.

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